Proposal Phase (Deadline Oct. 20, 23:59)

Peer Review of Proposal Phase (Deadline Oct. 25, 23:59)

  • Prepare a report on your assigned group of maximum one page. Check quality of the data. Check the objective if it is clear. Bring suggestions to the project plan. Recommend extra material if you can.

Minimal Working Report (Deadline Dec. 1, 23:59)

Minimal Working Report Peer Review (Deadline Dec. 8, 23:59)

  • Try to reproduce your assigned group’s work with their code. Check the relevance of their work with their objective. Suggest improvements and insights about the data (e.g. “You can plot a histogram here.”, “You can check the relationship between customer churn and overall satisfaction.”).

Final Report / Presentation (Deadline Dec. 15, 23:59)

Presentations start on Dec 17 19:00.

FR/Presentation Peer Review (Deadline Dec. 22, 23:59)

  • Reproduce all the work. Report the errors.
  • Comment on the overall report. State good parts. State improvement points. Is the objective covered well?
  • What is the extra effort that is not shown in class? (e.g. an R package, R Shiny interface)
  • Evaluate the presentation.
  • Your peer review report (except reproducibility part) should not exceed 2 pages.